Academics & Programs

Academics & Programs

Stream Academy offers students enriching programs to promote 21st Century skills, by giving them opportunities to inquire and innovate, in an inspiring environment that is conducive for nurturing critical thinking and creativity. Students are given access to various resources to empower them to explore their ideas, interests, and passions in STREAM classes, social sciences, foreign languages, ethics, cultures and etcetera.


Reading: K-5 Our reading program builds phonetic and decoding skills; enhances reading skills by also developing pupils’ fluency, vocabulary, critical thinking and comprehension skills, with high interest resources, strategies and activities.


Parent and Me-Preschool Prep

Children are lively and deliberate beings. Their creation of knowledge comes from their own experiences. Stream Parent and Me classes will develop their cognitive reading, numeracy, the arts, social and cultural skills.   Learning experience will involve the whole child and will take place in social, physical and psychological contexts.


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